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Friday at 22:42
Of course, there are so many types of students, but I think that this type is in a majority. But I don't understand these people at all.

If you are student, you will know what I'm talking about, maybe you will identify yourself as this type of student. Then you may explain me why are you still studying.
I have named this type as "Too cool for learning"
What is the characteristics of this type?
- is always on the phone, never put it on the desk. Sometimes I wonder what is so entertaining about looking at it and typing or clicking on something
- never knows what the lessons were about
- Always find a way to pass the exam, really inventive person when it comes to cheat-sheets and other forms of cheating in tests
- never know anything about topics we are learning about
- loudely and proudly claims that he or she is always on the phone and don't care what the teacher is talking about - and don't understand anything we are talking about
And finally the weirdest point: This person is rarely absent in the school
I mean why are you studying if you are so not interested? Why are you always at school if you just want to not care? What about to do something you would care about at least a bit more?

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