Social media - the best and the worst out of it

1. november 2018 at 14:08 |  English articles
Hi again after a long time. You probably know that this is my last year at high school and you also might know that handling social life, school, work etc. isn't easy. Today I would like to talk about social media and how it affects our lives in the good, but also in the bad way.

So I'm this kind of person who doesn't have a lot of social medi accounts, I have only Facebook, used to have an Instagram where I wasn't really active and Twitter to just try it out and nowadays I have just an Facebook account. Why do I have it? To connect with people who live in another country than me and we can at least chat with each other, to talk to my classmates about homework, school and other stuff and also to chat with my friends. Even though Facebook has a lot of good aspects, it is still just an internet site where people communicate with each other, it isn't a real life. And it won't be ever like meeting people in person. But the worst thing about it is the amount of time which it takes. I could do so many better things, but there are some friends which I doesn't meet in person often, so I tend to chat with them a lot, but then I am not doing anything productive and just keep checking if they have answered back and if so, I keep the conversation by answering them. Sometimes it's just fine for both sides, but there are days where we need to focus, do something else and the buzzing phone, beeping computer or so just keeps distracting us from other activites. Then you realise how much social media affects your live.
Sometimes it's much better to put your phone on silent mode, turn off sound on your computer, close all the tabs in your browser with social media and just focus for a moment on present.

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