Overwhelmed by work

12. october 2018 at 20:44 |  English articles
Probably everyone knows it. Lot of work, caffeine, not enough time and sleep. And what's worse? We have to survive it!

Lately my to-do list was full of stuff which needed to be done immedietly, few overdue tasks and big plans ahead. I write everything I need to do that day to my to-do list except household chores - I put in only those which might be forgotten. So this is my first article since the school started and I hope that - finally - it will be checked as done for this week. :D

So, to be honest, my usuall day started by alarm at 5:45 am, me waking up at 6:20 and running to catch the bus (I have then my daily planned working done - no special time needed), continued working at school to have at least some work done, creaming for exams, then working and studing during the classes to make sure, that I understand everything so I don't need to study at home, go home, make lunch, go for an hour or two walk with my dog, getting home totally exhausted, clean a bit, work and do some preparation for classes ('cause you're expected to work few hours at home - what else you may wanted to do?), make dinner, work again, read, sleep and repeate.
And I had no better idea than applying for a job. So wish me luck - if everything goes well, I will have a job, school and graduation exams ahead.

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