Me and learning languages - part three

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How did I prepare for language exams?
I have done two language exam - one from French and the second one was the English one. I have to mention that those exams I (successfully and at first attempt) took were different leves, so the preparation was a little different.

1. Preparation for A1 - B1

The first thing I would recommend is to summarize the grammar. At those leves there isn't usually so much and complicated grammar, but it is part of the basics on which you will build your new knowladge while studing for higher levels.

Start training intorducing yourself. It might sound silly, but usually it is part of the exam. Try it right know. You have said your name, where you live, maybe you have remembered to say if you work or study and which branch, right?
Name is important, but can you also spell it? What do you do for living? If you are a student, what are you studying, for how long? How long have you been studying /*whatever comes up to your mind*/? What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time? Talk about your hobbies in more detail.

Watch serials in that language. Why serials? Usually there is used easier language, sentences are simplest and after some episodes you will understand at least 80 percent of it, because the vocabulary si just repeating.

2. Preparation for B2 - C1

Watch movies, documentaries on different type of topics. Learn phrases, idioms, while you will be talking, use wide vocabulary, synonyms, professional terminology.

3. Preparation for all levels

Download sample papers of your exam or borrow it from library and make photocopies. Set a timer for the time which you will have for the exam and start practising. Learn to skip the question if you don't know the answer immediately (just make a point next to the question) and after finishing everything you knew, go back to the unanswered questions.
If you don't know the answer - guess, there is nothing to loose.

Record yourself speaking. You will be surpriced how many times you just can't recall a word, don't know what to say or which mistakes you keep doing all the time.

Useful links for English learners:

Cambridge English - Learn English - activities for all levels and all skills from reading to listening

Write and Improve - great webside for free (except Test Zone which is nice feature, but you can happily live without that) - you write on selected topic and when you are done, it will automatically and immediately gives you a feedback and show you on which language level it thing the text is. It isn't perfect, but it perfectly catches wrong spelling, missing articles and it highlights sentences which seems weird to it - but that's where the perfection breaks, sometimes I wasn't able to find out what is wrong with that sentence.

British Council LearnEnglish Teens - content focused mainly on teens, there are artiles, videos etc. It seems little bit similar to Cambridge English - Learn English, but I haven't used it too much for my preparation.

Useful links for French learners:

Exercices - A1 - C2 grammar exercises

IFP - cultural program of the French Institute of Prague

Guys, if you know about some other usefull links (or about a tip I forgot to mention - or your favourite which didn't come up to my mind) - not only for English and French learners - leave here a comment with a link or a tip and I will add it to the article - and of course with mention that all credit goes to you.

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