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26. august 2018 at 10:49 |  English articles
Hi guys!
After almost a year, I'm back. What happened? Well, I was overload by work. But that's not today's topic.

Today I would like to talk about:
1. How to learn a language
2. What to do when you don't make any improvements
3. How did I prepare for language exams

As you might know, I have been learning English for ages and I took French lessons for 6 years - and I'm still trying to at least keep those languages at reached levels. When I started high school I have started learning German - not my choice, but there's nothing you can do to erase it from your school's syllabus. But it's not all, I love Swedish, so I have decided to learn it by myself. Oh, I almost forgot - I'm obsessed with crosswords and in those are often questions asking you to translate some word to Esperanto - surprisingly I started learning Esperanto too (at if you are interested).

How to learn a language

There are two main ways how to do it - by yourself or taking some course.
Let's take first the usuall way - taking a course(/private tutor/class at school/you name it...).
There are many advantages as having an experienced teacher - which is the biggest advantage, students which are also motivated and interested in learning and also once you pay for it, there's a strong motivation to join as many lessons as possible - no place for excuses like "I don't feel like learning right now".
But why is the teacher the biggest advantage?
The teacher has a syllabus, and the syllabus usually contains everything you need to learn for reaching that language level. Also experienced teacher knows how to explain even a complicated grammer as simple as possible, gives you some tips if you struggle and you have always someone to ask for help when you don't understand.
I'd almost forget, people tend to avoid activities they don't like. You might avoid writing, or talking, but when teacher told you to do so, you are kind of forced to do it and that is how you practise all language skills and won't happend to you - as happened to me - that your reading, listening, maybe also talking will be on totally different level than your writing.

On the other hand, when you will be learning language by yourself, there's a possibility to learn at the time you prefer to and as quickly as you like to - some things you know, so you will just briefly read through them and spend some more time at something you don't understand so well - or at all.
It's better to be an experienced language learner to use this method because only since you know your language learning methods which work for you, than you might be successful in learning new language by yourself.
I mean you might have learned first forgein language without any help, but sometimes it's just better to take a course and not choose the possibly harder way where you might be ninthy percent of the time struggle to find out how to learn it and 10 perecent spent on actuall learning.
Also you need to be strick to yourself and learn regularly - and practise all the skills evenly.

In conclusion it doesn't metter which method you choose, it's totally up to you, but here's some tips to improve your studies.

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