February 2017

Me and English

26. february 2017 at 15:12 English articles
Today I wanted to write something about information, technologies, world all around us, but in a last minute I decided to write about me. I shouldn't be just a nameless woman writing on the internet. I should be someone, maybe without a name, but not without a life. So this article will be about my way to English and other foreign languages.
It all started when I was three or four years old girl and I was enrolled to English lessons at my kindergarten. It's a quite long time ago when English was becoming being so popular and children were thought English at primary school from third grade. When I think about it, I was lucky person, that I started learning English so early. It hepled me understand the language and don't be mere translating machine with horrible pronunciation.
As time went on, I had to choose a primary school. Hopefully, I come to school, were English was thought from first grade. Teaching English was a modern thing and no one can thought English like a professional, but it gave me a lot of experience as the English teacher who was preparing me for language primary school (thank you!). It was hard for me, but I was accepted and enrolled to the language school from third grade. I had to work hard to understand what am I reading in English and how I should read English texts, because I've never read in this language before. It take me a year to be confident in English and right after that we started to learn another foreign language. I was probably fool, otherwise I don't know how to explain why I choose French.


25. february 2017 at 18:22 English articles
Hi guys!
After a long long time I decided to start my own blog. But why? Why am I writing in English?
I'm translating texts from English to Czech, but I haven't got much space to practising my writing skills in English and it's a BIG problem for me. I thought that I will write a diary or some texts just for me, but my motivation was too low and I had just two possibilities. The first one was about giving up, but it is NOT my style, so the second one come to the scene -> and here I am.
I'm not sure what I will write here, but I hope it will improve my writing skills (and probably motivate you to start improving your English, French or some other language?) and I'd love to entertain you.