28. june 2017 at 17:26 |  English articles
We are surrounded by technologies. Our mobile phones are always near to us and charged, we sit in front of our computers every day. And some of us also turn on TV in the evening. But who reads books? Who turn off all these technologies and enjoy time with family of themselves?
I am IT specialist so I get in touch with technologies for about 6 to 8 hours per day. The thought, that when I get home I will be sitting in front of my computer, is insane for me. Of course, I sometimes have to, but I don't like this way of spending free time.
I could go on and on because this topic is large and I feel very strongly about it, but no one would read it till the end. So please, think over how much time you spent with technologies instead of meeting with friends or family.

And I've read in some comment that you would like to add some pictures. So there is my dog. We spend a lot of my free time together playing or walking outside. He never let me to waste my time with modern technologies and if he could, he would probably write a petition to cancel all these kind of things. Smějící se


Me and English

26. february 2017 at 15:12 |  English articles
Today I wanted to write something about information, technologies, world all around us, but in a last minute I decided to write about me. I shouldn't be just a nameless woman writing on the internet. I should be someone, maybe without a name, but not without a life. So this article will be about my way to English and other foreign languages.
It all started when I was three or four years old girl and I was enrolled to English lessons at my kindergarten. It's a quite long time ago when English was becoming being so popular and children were thought English at primary school from third grade. When I think about it, I was lucky person, that I started learning English so early. It hepled me understand the language and don't be mere translating machine with horrible pronunciation.
As time went on, I had to choose a primary school. Hopefully, I come to school, were English was thought from first grade. Teaching English was a modern thing and no one can thought English like a professional, but it gave me a lot of experience as the English teacher who was preparing me for language primary school (thank you!). It was hard for me, but I was accepted and enrolled to the language school from third grade. I had to work hard to understand what am I reading in English and how I should read English texts, because I've never read in this language before. It take me a year to be confident in English and right after that we started to learn another foreign language. I was probably fool, otherwise I don't know how to explain why I choose French.


25. february 2017 at 18:22 |  English articles
Hi guys!
After a long long time I decided to start my own blog. But why? Why am I writing in English?
I'm translating texts from English to Czech, but I haven't got much space to practising my writing skills in English and it's a BIG problem for me. I thought that I will write a diary or some texts just for me, but my motivation was too low and I had just two possibilities. The first one was about giving up, but it is NOT my style, so the second one come to the scene -> and here I am.
I'm not sure what I will write here, but I hope it will improve my writing skills (and probably motivate you to start improving your English, French or some other language?) and I'd love to entertain you.

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